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IPU BBA Semester 4 - Human Resource Management (End Term Paper 2015)

Paper Code: BBA -202/ BBA(TTM)-202 / BBA(MOM)-202 

Subject: Human Resource Management  

IPU BBA Semester 4 - Human Resource Management (End Term Paper 2015)

Time: 3 Hours Maximum Marks :75

Note: Attempt all questions as directed. Internal choice is indicated.

Q1. Differentiate between the following [any three): (5x3=15)
(a) Job analysis and Job Evaluation
(b) Internal and External Mobility
(c) Career Planning and Succession Planning
(d) Performance appraisal and performance management.

Write note on any three of the following: (5x3=15)
(a) Evaluation of Training
(b) Limitations of Performance Appraisal
(c) Induction
(d) ESOPs

Q2. There are two aspects of human resource planning. Quantitative aspect and qualitative aspects. Discuss in detail the quantitative aspects. (15)

What is job Analysis? Discuss in detail the process of Job Analysis. How Job Analysis is different from Job Design?

Q3. What are the objectives of performance appraisal? Does MBO stands as a better method as compared to conventional methods? Explain. (15)


Explain the various types of simulation training methods and clearly indicate the difference between case study method and Role Play Method.

Q4. Explain the scientific selection process in an organization. What presentations need to be exercised when using interview technique of selection? (15)


Discuss the challenges being faced by the human resource professionals today. What qualities are required for a good human resource managers?

Q5. Discuss the concept of six sigma. Describe the factors behind the concept of six sigma. (15)


Discuss the various serial security resources available to industrial workers in a company. Give a critical evaluation of all the these measures.