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IPU MBA Semester 2 - Human Resource Management (End Term Paper 2016)

MBA Second Semester

Subject: Human Resource Management

Paper Code: MS-112
IPU BBA Semester 2 - Human Resource Management (End Term Paper 2016)

Time : 3 Hours Maximum Marks:75

Note: Attempt any five questions.

Question 1:
Trace the evolution of human resource management and discuss how the paradigm shifts in HRM transformed the roles and responsibilities of HR manager.

Question 2:
Managing workforce diversity is one of the great challenges that multinational companies operating in India are facing today. Discuss.

Question 3:
(a)Explain the principle of job design and their application referring to relevant practical examples.

(b) Strategic planning and human resource planning go hand in hand. Analyse.

Question 4:
What are ergonomics? What ergonomic considerations must be kept in mind while designing jobs and work schedules?

Question 5:
What is performance appraisal? Discuss various methods and suggest which method of performance appraisal is best suited in your view for faulty of higher educational institutions with justification.

Question 6:
Give an overview of various health and social security measures that organization extend to their employees in India.

Question 7:
(a) Explain the features of high performing HR systems.
(b) Briefly discuss the salient aspects of talent management.

Question 8: Write short notes on:
(a) Human resource auditing and accounting
(b) Employee empowerment
(c) HIRS