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IPU MBA Semester 2 - Marketing Management (End Term Paper 2016)

MBA Second Semester

Subject: Marketing Management

Paper Code: MS-106
IPU MBA Semester 2 - Marketing Management (End Term Paper 2016)

Time : 3 Hours Maximum Marks :75 

Note: Attempt any five questions.

Question 1:
Discuss the concept of marketing mix. Explain its relevance in the field of marketing. Explain how differentiated, concentrated and an un-differentiated marketing differ. Explain with examples.

Question 2:
"Marketing starts with STP". Explain STP in marketing with examples with focus on positioning strategies.

Question 3:
(a) Explain the concept of product mix and assuming an company illustrate product mix for it.
(b) What are the stages of new product development process? Explain in brief and suitable examples.

Question 4:
You are a marketing manager appointed by a ready made garment manufacturer. The company wants to establish channel distribution for the products in Delhi NCR. What factors will be taken into consideration to establish COD for the company. Explain.

Question 5:
What are price and non price factors determining price of a product? Explain in brief various pricing strategies and pricing methods to be followed by accompany facing tough competition in the market but still wants to create a unique position in the market place. Give example to illustrate your answers.

Question 6:
What are different elements of promotion? How advertising is different from publicity and sales promotion of soap will differ for rural and urban markets? Give examples.

Question 7: Explain the following:

(a) Characteristics of online marketing
(b) Methods of demand forecasting.

Question 8:
(a) What are channel conflicts? How are these conflicts resolved? Explain in brief.
(b) Discuss elements of marketing environment. How cultural environment influences marketing decisions. Give examples.