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IPU BTech Semester 4 - Computer Organization and Architecture - End Term Paper (2016)

[MAY-JUNE 2016]
Subject Code: ETCS-204

Subject: Computer Organization and Architecture

IPU BTech Semester 4 - Computer Organization and Architecture - End Term Paper (2016)

Time: 3 Hrs M.M: 75

Note: Attempt any five questions. Question 1 is compulsory.

Question 1: (5 × 5 = 25)
(a) Differentiate between Micro-operations and Macro operations.

(b) Differentiate between access time and cycle time of a memory.

(c) Differentiate between Hard wired and mircro programmed control unit.

(d) Differentiate between Asynchronous Data transfer and Synchronous Data Transfer

(e) Differentiate between Unsigned notation and signed notation. Find range of 2 byte integer in both cases.

Question 2:
(a) What is RS 232-C standard? Explain signals associated with it. (6)

(b) What are the advantages of byte addressing mechanism over word addressing mechanism and what are their advantages. (6.5)

Question 3: Discuss different addressing modes used in computer systems using examples.  (12.5)

Question 4:
(a) Explain zero-address, one-address and two address instructions with examples.  (6)

(b) Explain the need of memory hierarchy with the help of a block diagram? What is the reason for not having one large memory unit for storing all information at one place? (6.5)

Question 5: The 8-bit registers A,B,C and D are loaded with the value (F2)ₕ, (B9)ₕ and (EA)ₕ respectively. Determine the register content after the execution of the following sequence of micro-operations sequentially, where shl = Shift left, shr = Shift right and cir=circular. (12.5)

i.   A ← A + B, C ← C + shl(D)
ii.  C ← C + D, B ← B + 1
iii. A ← A - C
iv.  A ← shr(B) ⊕ cir(D)

Question 6:
(a) Explain 8085 instruction set architecture and its organization in detail (6.5)

(b) Discuss about Input-Output and Interrupts in detail. (6)

Question 7:
(a) Discuss the procedure to implement a simple CPU. (6)

(b) Starting from an initial value of R=10011101. Determine the sequence of binary values in R after logical shift left, followed by a logical circular shift-right and a circular shift-left. (6.5)

Question 8: Write a short note on any two of the following: (6.25 × 2 = 12.5)
(a) Bus architecture and Bus arbitration

(b) Levels of programming languages

(c) RS-232 C and RS-422 standard