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E-Commerce (BCA-305) - Question Bank (Set 1) - BCA Semester-5 #GGSIPU #BCAQuestionPapers #ipumusings

 E-Commerce (BCA-305) - Question Bank (Set 1) 

E-Commerce (BCA-305) - Question Bank (Set 1) - BCA Semester-5  #GGSIPU #BCAQuestionPapers #ipumusings

Short Notes Questions asked in Previous Examinations

1. Relationship between E-Commerce and E-Business

2. E-Cash

3. Payment Gateway

4. Characteristics of Marketing Site

5. How can one select and register for a domain name while setting up his own website.

6. VPN (Virtual Private Network)


   Describe Virtual Private Network with its architecture.

7. Credit Card and debit cards as a tool for electronic payment systems.

8. SSL

9. Porter's five forces Model

10. Ethical Issues in E-Commerce

11. SET Protocol

12. Define e-commerce. What are the problems with manual systems of business?

13. Discuss various tools and technologies for E-Commerce

14. What is a search engine? Give some search engine optimization techniques.

15. What is the push, pull and built-to-order mode of the supply chain?

16. Explain Business Process Management and Business Process Re-engineering.

17. What are the purpose and functions of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

18. What is Abstract Class? Explain

19. Give an example of Template Class.

20. Give an example of a Destructor.

21. Public-Private Cryptography

22. Online Commercial Transaction Model

23. Electronics Funds Transfer

24. Virtual Shopping Cart

25. Digital Envelopes

26. Web Casting

27. Procurement Reengineering

28. Online Catalog

29. Trade Cycle in Business

30. B2B vs B2C

31. Virtual Communities

32. Traditional EDI vs Internet-based EDI

33. E-tailing

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