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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

BCA Paper - Linux Environment (Set-1)

Linux Environment
BCA Paper - Linux Environment (Set-1)

Q1: Write a shell program which informs as soon as a specified user whose name is given along the command line is logged into tile system.

Q2: What is kernel? Illustrate it's functioning in Unix environment.

Q3: Can windows and Unix machine interact via network? Suggest a

Q4: Write your views on what makes linux so popular.

Q5: Write a shell script to calculate factorial value.

Q6: What is a process? How can we create a process? Discuss the difference in between fork( ) and vfork( ).

Q7: When do you require named and nameless pipes? What will be difficulties if we want to use pipes for client/server applications?

Q8: Write short note  on
  (i) Virtual Memory
 (ii) Block devices

Q9: Write a program to simulate sleep and wake up behaviors among two process.

Q10: What are semaphores? Are semaphores available even after 'me' process which when created is dead?

Q11: Write a program which takes a source file name along the command line and duplicate file names along the command lines and copies me contents of sources file from the destination file.

Q12: What are sockets? Design a client/server model in which client sends an integer value to the server. Server calculates its square and return it to the client.

Q13*: Define the term "Code inspection". How will you instrument a code by adding few more lines to gather more information about the behaviour of program.

Q14: What is a file system? What are the various types of file system. Discuss the various file attributes on ext 2 file system.

Q15: What is multiprocessing? Explain symmetric multi processing in detail.

Q16: Write short notes on
   (i) Spooling
  (ii) Interrupt handling

Q17: Write a program which takes a fIle name along the command line and prints Its size

Q18: What are system calls?

Q19: How will you add and delete a new user in Linux?

Q20: Which two commands can you use to delete directories?

Q21: Write a shell script which displays names of directories in PATH in one line each.

Q22: What is pipe? When do you require nameless pipe?

Q23: What do you understand by connection oriented and connectionless communication?

Q24: What are socket API's?

Q25: Explain Proc file system in detail.

Q26: What is the difference between Message Queue and pipes?

Q27: What are the various steps involved in Kemel recompilation?

Q28: Describe interrupt handling in detail.

Q29: 'Linux operating system supports multiprocessing, multiprogramming and multiuser.' Elucidate.

Q30: Explain the Linux Architecture,

Q31: Write a shell program to print all files that have read permission only.

Q32: Explain the virtual address space for a process.

Q33: Write shell command for the following:
   (i) To add the contents of one file to another.
  (ii) To print the last 5 lines from a file.

Q34: Write a shell program to accept any 3 numbers from the command line and print the largest number.

Q35: Define the following: (i) get pid (il) pause (iii) fork (iv) execve

Q36: Explain with suitable examples
   (i) chmod  (ii) wc  (iii) grep

Q37: Explain the advantages and disadvantages of dynamic memory allocation in the Kernel segment.

Q38: Write short notes on the following:
   (i) Paging under LINUX
  (ii) Block devices



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