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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

BCA Paper - Computer Graphics (Set-1)

Computer Graphics

BCA Paper - Computer Graphics (Set-1)
Q1: Explain the following:
  1. Raster 8can Display
  2. Homogenous Coordinates
  3. Primitive Instancing
  4. Regularized Boolean set operations
  5. Matrix representation of 2-D rotation
  6. Evolution multimedia and their storage devices
  7. Open uniform B-spline
  8. Tools for delivering multimedia on web
  9. Polygon mesh representation
  10. Use of multimedia
  11. Quadric surfaces
  12. Octree
Q2: Give Bresenham's Algorithm for making circle also draw a circle whose centre is (0,0) and radius is 8 units by using Algorithm.

Q3: Describe the use of Dreamweaver.

Q4: Explain cyrus beck algorithm for line clipping.

Q5: Differentiate the following;
  1. Beam Penetration method and shadow mask method
  2. CRT & DVST

Q6: Describe steps to transform the object from window port to view port.

Q7: Describe the transformation used in magnifications and reduction with respect to the origin. Find the new coordinates of the triangle A(0,0), B(2,2), C(5A) after it has been:
  1. magnified twice its size
  2. reduced to half of its size
Q8: Consider a rectangle ABCD having coordinates A(2,2), B(8,2), C(8,6) and 0(2,6). Rotate the rectangle ABCD with 90 degree in clockwise direction w.r.t. point (2,2)

Q9: Prove that two scaling transformation commute i.e. S1S2 = S2S1

Q10: Give the properties of Bezier curves. For the cubic Bezier Curves (n= 3). Find all the blending functions and the Bezier matrix.

Q11: Explain boundary representation

Q12: Explain B spline curve by giving its properties consider, d=n=3 find out all the blending functions.

Q13: Explain winged edge representation.

Q14: What all qualities are required for all the team members of multimedia project team?

Q15: Give authoring tools for multimedia.

Q16: Give in detail the fonnation and working of CD.

Q17: Describe muttimedia highway.



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