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Friday, 12 February 2016

BCA 4th Semester: Java Programming Question Paper (2015)



Time: 3 Hours Maximum Marks: 75
Paper Code: BCA206     Subject: Java Programming (Batch 2011 onwards)
Attempt Any five questions including Q No. 1 which is compulsory.
Q1: Differentiate between the following:- (provide all example to each
(a) Super class and sub class
{b) Byte and character streams
(c) Check box and radio button
(d) Adapter class and inner class
(e) Java classes and Java Interfaces
(5x5 = 25)
Q2: (a) What is a thread? Describe the complete life cycle of thread. Provide an example to create and execute the thread.

(b) State any six features of Java in detail
Q3: Explain the following terms with respect to exception handling. Provide an example to demonstrate the following terms:
(a) Try
(b) Catch
(c) Throw
(d) Finally
Write a program which demonstrate how exceptions are implemented.

Q4: (a) What is the difference between an argument and a parameter? Discuss with an example

(b) What is polymorphism? Write a JAVA program that uses polymorphism
Q5: What is Inheritance? With diagrammatic Program(s), illustrate types of inheritance. Give self explanatory comments in your program. (12.5)
Q6: Define I/O stream, Write a java program to illustrate the use of I/O stream. (12.5)
Q7: (a) How do applets differ from application programs? Explain with example?

(b) Distinguish between the following: -
   (i) Input stream and Reader classes
   (ii) Output stream and Write classes

(c) Write a program to accept number from user and convert into binary by using wrapper class methods
Q8: Write short notes on any two types of the following:
(a) Datagrams and TCP/IP based client and server socket
(b) Swings and comparison with AWT controls
(c) JDBC Architecture and JDBC Drivers
(6.25x 2 = 12.5)



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