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Business Communication (Set -1)

 Business Communication

Q1: What are the Barriers in Communication ? How will you Overcome Barriers in Communication ?

Q2: What is Listening ? State and explain the principles of Good Listening.

Q3: Draft an application letter for the post of a Team Leader in Synergy Ltd. along with Resume.

Q4: What is an Enquiry Letter ? Write an Enquiry Letter to Sai Motors Pvt. Ltd., Pune for enquiring about the various offers they have on purchase of Cars.

Q5: What is Oral Communication? Explain the Medias of Oral Communication.

Q6: What is Group Discussion? Elaborate the advantages and disadvantages of Group Discussion.

Q7: Give hints to improve your Speaking Skills.

Q8: What is a Business Letter ? Explain the Layout of Business Letter.

Q9: Write short notes on:
    (a)  E-mail
    (b) Internet
    (c) Multimedia
    (d) Meetings
    (e) Art of Listening
    (f) Video Conferencing

Q10: Fill in the blanks.
(i) ______ is a two way process.

(ii) On thc basis of way of _______, communication may be oral or written.

(iii) Communication is  a process through which all human ____________ takes place.

(iv) Interpersonal feedback involves atleast ____________ persons.

(v) All oral communication problems can be broadly divided into ____ groups.

(vi) Group-think is a phenomenon related to __________.

(vii) Assignment interviews serves as ____________ test situation.

(viii) As a manger your prime responsibility is to get things done through  ___________.

(ix) External barriers, your primary responsibility is to get things done through _______.

(x) There are _____ links in communication chain from top to bottom.

(xi) Problem of upward communication is caused by _______ differences.

(xii) Organization communication has flow pattern of or a ________

(xiii) Without effective ________, a manager can’t perform his duty well.

(xiv) The organisation plan of company also affects the volume of  __________.

(xv) Non verbal communication includes all ________ and ________ messages.

Q11: Explain the function of feedback.

Q12: Discuss the role of union in communication.

Q13: List down ten commandments of good communication.

Q14: How can informal communication contribute to effectiveness of a group?