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Internet Programming (Set -1)

Internet Programming

Questions asked in BCA Examination in IGNOU, IP University

Q1: Write a script that inputs three integers from the user and displays the sum, average, product, smallest and largest of these numbers in an alert dialog .

Q2: Write a CCS rule that makes all text 1.5 times larger than the base font of the system and colors it red.

Q3: Write a script that prints out the length of all collection on a page.

Q4: Create a Web page in which users are allowed to select their favorite layout and formatting through the use of the class name property.

Q5: Create a Web page which applies the invert filter to an image if the user moves the mouse on the image.

Q6: Explain the following terms
(a) Microsoft Personal Web Server (PWS)
(b) Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)
(c) Apache and Jigsaw Server
(d) Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
(e) Active Server Pages (ASP)

Q7: What is the difference between HTML and XML? Explain in detail.

Q8: Compare Java beans and Enterprise Java beans.

Q9: Write short notes on (i) Filters and Transitions (ii) Speech Synthesis recognition

Q10: Write short notes on
(a) Japplets and Jbutton
(b) AWT Controls
(c) Servlet

Q11: How Active Server Pages Work. Explain the (a) GET and (b) POST HTTP request types.

Q12: Differentiate between Client-Side Scripting and Server Side Scripting.

Q13: Write short notes on:
(a) VB Script
(c) Cookies
(d) XSL
(e) Layout management

Q14: Define web server and its functions.

Q15: What are the differences between Java and Java Scripts? Explain in detail.

Q16: Write a short note on Microsoft Visual lnterDev.

Q17: What is the difference between HTML and XML? Explain in detail.

Q18: Define Java Script. Explain SCRIPT tag.

Q19: In Java Script what is an array object? List and explain properties of it. Also, explain any ten methods of the same.

Q20: Write a complete Java Script program to prompt the user for the radius of a sphere and call function spherexVolume to calculate and display the volume of the sphere.

Q21: Explain the Java Script operators: %, &&, II, ==, !. Write a Java Script program using all above operators.

Q22: What are the three types of Style Sheets linking to HTML document? What are multiple styles? Illustrate with suitable example.

Q23: Create a web page that applies the glow filter to a hyperlink if the user moves the mouse over the link.