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Business Organization & Management (set -1)

Q1: Define Business. Distinguish between Industry, Commerce and Trade.

Q2: Describe Henry Fayol's Principles of Management along with functions of Management.

Q3: Explain need of understanding human behaviour in organization. Distinguish between formal and informal organization.

Q4: Explain Principles of Scientific Management as defined by F.W.Taylor. Also mention contribution of Frank Gilreth in this regard.

Q5: "Management Planning seeks to achieve a co-ordinated structure of operation". Comment. What are characteristics of good planning?

Q6(✪): How will you motivate your employees? Explain Maslow's Theory of Motivation?

Q7(): What are various sources of finance for raising capital for long term requirements of a company?

Q8: Define Marketing Concepts. Describe its main components.

Q9: Define Salesmanship. What are requisites of an effective Salesmanship?

Q10: Give any five differences between business and profession.

Q11: Explain in brief the accounting principles?

Q12: Explain business as a part of socio-cultural system?

Q13: "One man control is the best in the world if that one man is big enough to manage everything". Explain this statement.

Q14: Define a private company. State the special privileges and exemptions enjoyed by a private company.

Q15: "Understanding the human behaviour is a typical task"- Give reasons for understanding human behavior.

Q16: Explain the universal acceptability of management principles.

Q17: Discuss the scope of personnel management. What are the functions of a personal manager?

Q18: "Sales promotion is an advertisement activity?" Discuss.

Q19: Explain the methods involved in Sales Promotion.

Q20: Briefly explain the production planning and control? Explain in detail the steps involved in production control.