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DEAR DESTINY - From The Diary of A Teenager Girl


DEAR DESTINY - From The Diary of A Teenager Girl

estiny brings everyone's life to a stage where either a motivation comes or a regret enters which causes a despair in the behaviour, or a combination of the two feelings. A motivation can lead to flying success and regret can lead to manage one's own schedule independently yet going through sensitivities of past life. A teenager was once travelling the road of a happy and cheerful life, carrying the weight of some tempest nights. While walking on the road of life, and connecting her happiness and fears, she took small little steps towards freedom. Her physique got mocked at and she didn't mind being a laughing stock. She involved herself to be the clown so that Laughter could always remain her best medicine of staying happy.  Several times, she got knocked down by the thorns she planted by herself. Her health, her fatty layers was a restriction for her girlish attitude she dreamt of.
College life is like a metamorphosis. It transforms a bubbly teenager into a beautiful butterfly.
Her being not treated well by the society by denying the respect she should get, had a sad impact on her, a disappointment, to which when heard of, was made silent by anguish. Her breakups with the friends who treated her with the warmness and joyous nature and then misused her innocence, was a dreadful nightmare to her. She headed with the bright smile and was accompanied by the supports who thought and motivated her to be strong. She struggled and worked hard. Helped her dear ones to the best extent, figured her way out by observing the outside world around her, obsessed her shapes and body curves, showed her attitude, moved on with the passion of the cheerful ups and down beats of the rhythm of life. Met the ones who were genuinely sweet, manipulated politely with the artificial sugar of the cruel peeps, became career focused and regained the strength by sharing the secrets of life to a pure being. An average girl was turning into a lady of admiration. Fears came over, love seemed complicated yet simplified because of the true trust. Responsibilities were handed, independent paths were being chosen, presentations were imposed, maturity was expected and high maintenance of firm being had to signify the status. Going through the confusions, the mishaps, the entertainments, the changes, the limitations, the freedom, the enjoyment, the throw-away attitude,...,the struggles, she had to choose rightly to become a lady of free expression yet restricted by the atmosphere of the society.

round her, many are progressing easily. The ones who had not been serious, or rather whom had not been into many responsibilities and had few limitations, were misguided many times, at their own choice, are leading a life full of freedom and happiness. That kind of life, that kind of celebrations, to which her eyes were waiting for long. Indeed, her inner desires were getting quite jealous, no, not because of the world's happy faces or cheery nights. They basically got puzzled, confused and got envied, from the easy happiness, which she knew she deserves too, and wanted to have, and is into thoughts that despite of all the struggles of her life, destiny is giving fruits to the other people earlier. She ponders what if she were like one of them, free, and easy and casual going and enjoying the fruits and celebrations of life. When she sees photos, posts, statuses of those who are flourishing like an admirable task.., she asks herself was something wrong with her, is something she needs to correct on or not?

he confesses her thoughts to her angel, to her inner soul. She takes a moment from life. Her frustration even hurts her best friend, and this even makes her more disappointed. She never ever wanted to hurt someone's emotions, even unintentionally, just because of her past issues and longing expectations. Her heart beats faster, and she trembles a bit. She remembers to take long breaths and then regains her strength through the smiles of her loved ones only. She thinks for a moment and thinks about the admirable changes she was into...the road of happy life and the dreams she was following to. She pauses, closes her eyelids, sees the face, which makes her heart smile, giggles and blushes. Grins on the answers she got. Leaves all the regret behind, and makes the outer world a motivating competition. Someone whispered in her ears, "You can do it....! You are your own motivation. You have support in the form of your loved ones...". Destiny told her that the ones who deserve a permanent and a sweeter fruit have to wait, have to wait for the right time.

time comes for everyone, and one should be patient enough to wait for the right fruit. Celebrations can happen many times, smaller ones and greater ones, and till now, she had been celebrating to an extent, no matter into a confined manner, which is actually good for her. To celebrate harder, it's time for her to earn, to get mature, to handle more responsibilities, to achieve something bigger in life. She has to first understand the meaning of the happy journey of life, and the feeling of the love without any confinements, the appropriate tasks she needs to focus upon, and the desires she needs to fulfil. All she need is some patience and understandings. Her special ones, her mother and everyone is there, present for her may be hidden at a time, but is there for her. She is a girl, meant to fight, meant to show that she has the strength, and her love and care are her ingredients to make her achieve her goals, her willpower will definitely earn her the good that she prays for to Him. She is young, she is young with thoughts, her warmth and energy are new and her love is pure....her beautification once observed by the person, or by the world, with that special eye, will make her identify as being the special one. Her confessions to herself, her promises are all dedicated and will be moved by travelling that road, which will have a lovely ending of a fresh celebrating start. And that start she deserves, only she.

- Madhurima Handa (Pursuing her BCA, Loves writing...)