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Biochemistry - MCQs on Amino Acids (#biochemistry)(#aminoacidsquiz)(#ipumusings)

Biochemistry - MCQs on Amino Acids

Biochemistry - MCQs on Amino Acids (#biochemistry)(#aminoacidsquiz)(#ipumusings)

Direction: Read the question carefully and choose the right option from the choices given.

Q1: Name the amino acid that exists naturally in all three domains of life.

(a) Arginine

(b) Selenocysteine

(c) Proline

(d) Tyrosine

Q2: Which of the following is hydrophyllic amino acid?

(a)  Methionine

(b) Isoleucine

(c) Tyrosine

(d) Asparagine

Q3: Sulphur containing amino acid is?

(a) Cysteine

(b) Leucine

(c) Threonine

(d) Arginine

Q4:  Which of the following is a non-Basic amino acids?

(a) Leucine

(b) Arginine

(c) Lysine

(d) Histidine

Q5: Which of the following amino acid has aromatic rings?

(a) Arginine

(b) Lysine

(c) Tyrosine

(d) Glutamine

Q6: Amino acids have

(a) Positive charge

(b) Negative charge

(c) Zero net charge

(d) All of these

Q7: Proteins are synthesized using only _______

(a) D-amino acids

(b) L-α-amino acids

(c) Both option (a) and (b)

(d) None of these

Q8: Proteins absorb UV light due to presence of 

(a) Aromatic amino bonds

(b) Peptide bonds

(c) Disulphide bonds

(d) Imino bonds

Q9: The α-carbon of each amino acid is chiral (assymteric), except?

(a) Glutamine

(b) Histidine

(c) Glycine

(d) Alanine

Q10: Name the smallest chiral amino acid in the L-form

(a) Alanine

(b) Glycine

(c) Arginine

(d) Glutamine


1: (b) Selenocysteine

2: (d) Asparagine

3: (a) Cysteine

4: (a) Leucine

5: (c) Tyrosine

6: (d) All of these

7: (b) L-α-amino acids

8: (a) Aromatic amino bonds

9: (c) Glycine

10: (a) Alanine

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