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Important Biochemical Words - Origins and Their Meanings (#biochemistry)(#biology)(#biotechnology)(#ipumusings)

Important Biochemical Words - Origins and Their Meanings

Important Biochemical Words - Origins and Their Meanings (#biochemistry)(#biology)(#biotechnology)(#ipumusings)

Acid (Latin) acidus-sour 

Acidosis (Latin) acidus-sour; osis-condition 

Albinism (Greek) albino-white 

Alkali (Arabic) al-qite-ashes of saltwort 

Allergy (Greek) alios-other; ergon-work 

Alloseric (Greek) allo-the other 

Amentia (Latin) amentis-mental deficiency 

Amnesia (Greek) a-not; mnesis-memory 

Amphipathic (Greek) amphi-both; pathos-feeling 

Amphiphilic (Greek) amphi-both; philic-love 

Anaerobe (Greek) a-not; aer-air; bios-life 

Anaplerotic (Greek) ana-up; plerotikos-to fill 

Androgen (Greek) aner-man; genesis-production 

Anemia (Greek) a-not; haima-blood 

Anorexia (Greek) a-not; orexis-appetite 

Anticoagulant anti (Greek}-against; coagulare (Latin}-to curdle 

Antimetabolite (Greek) anti-against; metabolechange 

Arteriosclerosis arteria (Latin}-artery; sclerosis (Greek) hardening. 

Arthritis (Greek) arthron-joint; itis-inflammation 

Atherosclerosis (Greek) athere-porridge; sclerosishardening 

Beri-beri (Sinhalese}- cannot (said twice) 

Biochemistry (Greek) bios-life; chymos-juice 

Biology (Greek) bios-life; logos-discourse 

Bovine (Latin) bovinus-pertaining to cow or ox 

Calorie (Latin) calor-heat Cancer (Latin) crab 

Carbohydrate carbo (Latin}-coal; hydor (Greek) water 

Caries (Latin)-decay 

Casein (Latin) caseus-cheese 

Catabolism (Greek) kata-down; ballein-to throw 

Catalysis (Greek) kata-down; lysis-degradation 

Cathepsin (Greek) to digest 

Cephalins (Greek) kephale-head 

Cheilitis (Greek) cheilos-lip; itis-inflammation 

Cheilosis (Greek) cheilos-lip; osis-condition 

Chirality (Greek) cheir-hand 

Chlorophyll (Greek) chloros-pale green; phyllonleaf 

Cholelithiasis (Greek) chole-bile; lithos-stone; asis - condition 

Cholesterol (Greek) chole-bile; sterol-solid alcohol 

Chromatography (Greek) chroma-colour; graphein-to write 

Chromosome (Greek) chroma-colour; soma-body 

Chyle (Greek) chylos-juice 

Chyluria (Greek) chylos-juice; auron-urine 

Chyme (Greek) chymos-juice 

Cirrhosis (Greek) kirrhos-orange-tawny; osis-condition 

Cis (Latin) same side 

Coagulation (Greek) coagulare-to curdle 

Collagen (Greek) kolla-glue; genesthai-to be produced 

Colloid (Greek) kolla-glue; eidos-form 

Consanguinity (Latin) con-with; sanguis-blood 

Creatine (Greek) kreas-flesh Cristae (Latin) crests 

Cutaneous (Latin) cutis-skin 

Cytology (Greek) kytos-cell; logos-discourse 

Cytoplasm (Greek) kytos-cell; plassein-to mould 

Dermatitis (Greek) derma-skin; itis-inflammation 

Diabetes mellitus (Greek) diabetes-running through (or a siphon); mellitus-sweet 

Eicosanoids (Greek) eikosi-twenty 

Embolism (Greek) embolos-to plug 

Emphysema (Greek) emphysan-to inflate 

Enkephalin (Greek) in the brain 

Enthalpy (Greek) to warm within 

Entropy (Greek) in turning 

Enzyme (Greek) in yeast 

Erythrocyte (Greek) erythros-red; kytos-cell 

Eukaryotes (Greek) eu-true; karyon-nucleus 

Ferrous (Latin) ferrum-iron 

Folate (Latin) folium-leaf 

Galactose (Greek) gala-milk 

Gastritis (Greek) gaster-belly; itis-inflammation 

Gene (Greek) genesis-descent 

Genome (Greek) genos-birth 

Globin (Latin) globus-ball 

Globulin (Latin) globulus-little ball 

Glossitis (Greek) glossa-tongue; itis-inflammation 

Glycolysis (Greek) glycos-sweet; lysis-dissolution 

Goitre (Latin) gultur-throat 

Gonadotrophin (Greek) gona-generation; trophe-nourishment 

Haemoglobin haima (Greek)-blood; globus (Latin)ball 

Hepatitis (Greek) hepar-liver; itis-inflammation 

Hormone (Greek) hormain-to excite 

Hydrophilic (Greek) hydro-water; philic-living 

Hydrophobic (Greek) hydro-water; phobic-hating 

Hyperglycemia (Greek) hyper-above; glycos-sweet; haima-blood 

Hypertonic (Greek) hyper-above; tonos-tension 

Hypoglycemia (Greek) hypo-below; glycos-sweet;haima-blood 

Hypotonic (Greek) hypo-below; tonos-tension 

Icterus (Greek) ikteros-jaundice 

Immunity (Latin) immunis-exempt from public burden 

Inflammation (Latin) inflammare-to set on fire 

In situ (Latin) in the correct position 

In vitro (Latin) in a test tube 

In vivo (Latin) in the living tissue 

Isomerism (Greek) iso-equal; mesos-part 

Isotonic (Greek) iso-equal; tonos-tension 

Isotope (Greek) iso-equal; topos-place 

Jaundice (French) jaune-yellow 

Keratin (Greek) keras-horn 

Kwashiorkor (Ga-African) sickness of the deposed child 

Lactalbumin (Greek) lac-milk; albumin-white 

Lecithin (Greek) lekithos-egg yolk 

Lipids (Greek) lipos-fat 

Lactosuria lac (Latin)-milk; ovron (Greek)-urine 

Leukocytes (Geek) leukos-white; kytos-cell 

Leukoderma (Greek) leukos-white; derma-skin 

Ligase (Greek) ligate-to bind 

Malaria (Italian) bad air 

Malnutrition (Latin) malus-bad; nutrire-nourishment 

Marasmus (Greek) to waste 

Melanin (Greek) melan-black 

Menopause (Greek) men-month; pausis-stopping 

Metabolism (Greek) metabole-change 

Mitochondria (Greek) mitos-thread; chondros - granule 

Mitosis (Greek) mitos-thread; osis-condition 

Monosaccharide (Greek)-mono-one; saccharin - sugar 

Myeloma (Greek) myelos-marrow; oma-tumor 

Nephritis (Greek) nephros-kidney; itis-inflammation 

Neurosis (Greek) neuron-nerve; osis-condition 

Oedema or edema (Greek) oidema-swelling 

Oligosaccharides (Greek) oligo-few; saccharon-sugar 

Osmosis (Greek)-push 

Osteomalacia (Greek) osteon-bone; malakia-softness 

Oxyntic (Greek) oxynein-to make acid 

Oxytocin (Greek)-rapid birth 

Palindrome (Greek)-to run back again 

Pantothenic acid (Greek) pantos-everywhere 

Pathogenesis (Greek) pathos-disease; genesisproducing 

Pellagra (ltalian)-rough skin 

Pepsin (Greek) pepsis-digestion 

Phagocytosis (Greek) phagein-to eat; kytos-cell;osis-condition 

Phobia (Greek) phobos-fear 

Polysaccharide (Greek) poly-many; saccharin - sugar 

Porphyrin (Greek) porphyra - purple colour 

Post-prandial (Latin}-after food 

Prokaryotes (Greek) pro-before; karyon-nucleus 

Proteins (Greek) proteios-holding first place 

Rickets (Old English) wrickken-to twist 

Serum (Latin}-whey 

Sphingosine (Greek) sphingein-to bind tight 

Steatorrhea (Greek) stear-fat; rheein-to flow 

Stereoisomerism (Greek) stero-space 

Sterol (Greek) steros-solid; ol- alcohol 

Thalassemia (Greek) thalassa-sea 

Thermodynamics (Greek) therme-heat; dynamics-power 

Thermogenesis (Greek) therme-heat; genesis-production 

Thrombosis (Greek) thrombos-clot; osis-condition 

Thylakoid (Greek) thylakos-a sac or pouch 

Tocopherol (Greek) tokos-child birth; pheros-to bear; ol-alcohol 

Trans (Latin) across Tumor (Latin) swelling 

Vitamin (coined inappropriately in 1906) (Latin) vita-fife; amine 

Xanthoma (Greek) xanthos-yellow 

Xenobiotics (Greek) xenos-strange 

Zwitterion (German) zwitter-hybrid.

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