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Sunday, 30 June 2013

BCA/MCA Paper: Software Testing

 BCA/MCA Paper: Software Testing

Software Testing 
(Question Bank-1)

Note: Questions appear in IP Univiersity/JIMS MCA Subject Paper.

Q1: What are the objectives of software testing? Can this objective be achieved 100%?

Q2: What are Test Matrices?

Q3: Why we use Decision Tables?

Q4: How do you measure Test effectiveness?

Q5: What is Localization Testing?

Q6: Explain case effect graphing.

Q7: Explain recovery testing with examples.

Q8: Explain Eng-to-End Testing.

Q9: What is the difference between re-testing and regression testing?

Q10: Why are static testing and dynamic testing described as complementary?

Q11: Explain object-oriented testing.

Q12: Explain the method of testing classes.

Q13: Explain the limitations of testing. Why is it so hard?

Q14: Explain the V shaped software Life Cycle Model of testing.

Q15: Will exhaustive testing guarantee that the program is 100% correct?

Q16: Explain the role of software testing during software life cycle and why is it so difficult.

Q17: Write a C program for finding the minimum and maximum out of three numbers and compute its cyclomatic complexity using all possible methods.

Q18: Explain cause-effect graphing technique. Why is it different from other functional techniques?

Q19: What is the difference between weak normal and strong normal equivalence class testing?

Q20: Write a program to calculate average of 10 numbers. Using data flow testing design all du-paths in this program.

Q21: What sort of test may be carried out during database testing? (

Q22:List and explain prioritization guidelines.

Q23: Explain with the help of an algorithm, the test first approach used to test an RDBMS.

Q24: What is the importance of stubs? Explain through an example.

Q25: Explain how object oriented testing is different from procedural testing? Explain with example.

Q26: Explain function oriented metrics and compare with size oriented metrics with examples.



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