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1. Programming in C / Fundamentals In Computing

C Programs - Snippets - 1
C Programs - Snippets - 2
C Programs - Snippets - 3

2. Introduction To Computers

3. Engineering Physics/Applied Physics-1

Types of Vectors
Applied Physics-1 End Term Paper (December 2015)
Gravitation - Understanding Mass and Weight
Gravitation - Kepler's Laws
Physics MCQs

4. Electrical Technology

Electrical Tech. End Term Q Paper (2015)

5. Applied Chemistry

Applied Chemistry - End Term Q Paper (2015)

6. Organic Chemistry 

Organic Chemistry End Term Q Paper (2014)

7. Communication Skills

Who is The Audience?
Attributes of Spoken and Written Communication

Semester 2

1. Statistics, Theory Of Probability and Linear Programming (Mathematics-II)

Linear Programming - Formulation Technique (Q & A)
Mathematics-II - Minor Test Paper
Linear Programming - Finding Graphical Solution
Mathematics-II End Term Paper 2017
Differential Equations (Maxima and Minima) - Q & A

2. Data Structures

Abstract Data Type (Q & A)
DS End Term Paper (2017)
Data Structure Notes (Part 1) - Trees
Data Structures Notes (Part 2) - Trees
Data Structures Notes (Part 3) - Trees
Data Structures Notes (Part 4) - AVL Trees
Data Structure Notes )Part 5) - Heap and Its Implementation

3. Physics-II

Physics II End Term Paper (2016)
Physics End Term Paper (2017)

4. Chemistry-II

Chemistry II - Minor Test Paper
Chemistry - End Term Paper (2017)

5. Introduction To Programming

Intro to Programming End Term Paper (2016)

6. Communication Skills-II

Comm Skills End Term Paper (2017)
Macro Functions of Communication

7. Engineering Mechanics

Engg. Mech End Term Paper (2017)

Semester 3

1. Data Structures

Trees vs Graphs
Abstract Data Type (Q & A)

Semester 4

1. Object Oriented Programming

    OOPS End Term Paper (2016)

2. Theory Of Computation

    TOC End Term Paper (2016)

3. Computer Organization and Architecture

    CO End Term Paper (2016)

4. Communication Systems

    Comm. Systems End Term Paper (2016)

5. Software Engineering

    Software Cost Estimation

6. Switching Theory and Logic Design

    SW&L End Term Paper (2018)

7. Multimedia Applications

    Multimedia Applications End Term Paper (May June 2018)

Semester 5

1. Communication Skills for Professionals

End Term Paper (December 2016)

Semester 6



1. Biotechnology Quiz (Set 1)
2. What are Feed Additives?
3. Standard Genetic Code

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