Here is a list of articles, research papers, tutorials and essays in various domains of engineering, law, management, information technology and commerce.


The article gives an overview of the petroleum industry, types of sectors in this industry and its challenges and opportunities.

Supercritical fluids have wonderful properties and can be a promising technology in coming times. Read the article to know about SCFs.


     A table of Genetic Codes 

   Feed additives are extra nutrition for livestock. Check out details about feed additives. 

3. Tissue Engineering - A Brief Overview On Stem Cell Technology
   Tissue Engineering - a subdomain of regenerative medicine is using stem cell technology. In this article, learn about future trends of tissue engineering applications.  

    A brief introduction about biopolymers, history and uses.

    Learn how nanotechnology is shaping our future.

    The article gives a thorough understanding of Enzyme Catalysis and its mechanism of working. 

     Manan tries to compile the list of food processing techniques currently used in the industry.

     An article giving an overview of biohydrogen which can be used as a renewable fuel in future.

11. Understanding Membrane Technology - The post gives an overview of membrane technology and its applications.


    Saving money is always welcome! Here are tips for the students on how to save money and spend less?

    Time is money! An infographic highlighting what are the things waste your time.

    The article talks about demonetisation objectives and how can we go ahead and become a cashless economy.

     A college fresher shares her experience as college-goer and how it is shaping up her destiny.

     You must read this article, sharing tips on how to write your resume when you are fresher (no work experience).  
    One of the most popular article - tips on how to study efficiently and score more.

Information Technology

    The article authored by Divij Handa talks about automation is going to become the most promising way to run businesses amid Covid19 pandemic crisis.

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